Why Vela-x

Vhy Vela - X ?

Because of my great interest in astronomy, I decided to pick Vela – X as my artist name back in the beginning of the 80's.

Besides the word Vela also has different meanings which I like. It is the Spanish word for candle light as well as sail. And the verb “velar” means to wake over,­ for instance,­ somebody.

Image from chandra.harvard.edu

It is also Latin and Vela – X means that it refers to a star X in constellation Vela which back in time used to be a part of a bigger constellation,­ a ship called “Argo Navis”.

Vela – X is a mystic star,­ actually whats left of a massive star around 1000 light years from Earth which exploded into a supernova 11 000 to 12 300 years ago. The resulting supernova remnant is more than 100 light years in diameter.In its center is the left­over stellar core which collapsed into a 12 mile diameter, rapidly spinning neutron star. Actually it spins faster than the rotor of a helicopter with 11 rotations pr second.

During the rotation it spews out a jet of charged particles that race out along the pulsar's rotation axis at about 70% of the speed of light !