Sidene til fotballaget Stord Jenter Junior, Damer Junior og dei andre laga så lenge eg var med fram til 2011,- er tilgjengelege om du var med på / rundt laga.

Ta kontakt med meg, om du vil sjå bilete og skriverier frå den tida.

Vennlig helsing



While writing this, one of my all time favourite rock songs is played at legendary Radio Caroline: "We don't get fooled again" by The Who.

As for me,-  new song uploaded this night: "I give you my love".

Strange thing: The songs I have uploaded so far are either romantic or of the slow and reflective kind. Trueth is that several of my songs are within rock,- even with critical texts about how we behave and threat the planet we live on.

But, as told before, I cannot upload rock until I have got myself decent rock sound for my Fender Stratocaster :)

10th of August 2015

Not much to report so far. Still working with the studio issue. And still one more week left of my summer vacation :)

Totaly 6 songs linked to for listening so far.

As for Rock, I need an amplifier which can deal with  that kind of guitar sound before I can record my rock songs.

31th of July 2015

As for my music I decided to buy myself a portastudio so that I can record my songs in a quality intended for streaming.

However all the places that I contacted were sold out for this particular item, or waiting for it to arrive. So meanwhile I'm standing by :)

I've decided to upload just for listening a song that I composed in 1985 (?) originally to be called “When the Joiner comes”. Maybe “joiner” should be replaced by the word “carpenter”, but it does not fit in with the rythm. The text is religious. It's recorded on a 4 track recorder, and “all” the instruments are played by me.   One of my brothers is singing, and two girls I knew do the quire.