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Updated 11.08.2015

1.   I give you my love was composed around 1997. Again recorded by th euse of a 4 track cassette recorder. Vocals by brother Sigbjørn and Vibecke.

2.  Instrumental part from "I'm gonna throw myself into your arms when I see you again omorrow".  1997 ? A part from a song I actually have not finished yet.

Recorded on a 4 track cassete recorder.

3. Rain Dance  - 1988 . Composed in 1987 - 1988. Vocals by my brother Sigbjørn  while another of my brothers, Reidar plays the drums. Guitars by me.              The base was played by a studio worker who stepped in. Studio recording.

4. Sound of the raindrops composed jn 2002 – 2004. When recored on Cubase and Notebook in 2004, the girl who sings was only 14 years old at that time.

I will not mention her name until I've checked if that is ok with her.

She also wrote parts of the text. I play the instruments. The accoustic guitar used for the instrumental is a cheap childrens quitar bought in a toy store.

5. Stary Night. 1995. Instrumental. Played by me as good as I can, and recorded on a 4 track casette recorder as far as I remember.

6. When the Joiner comes  from 1985. Vocals by brother Sigbjørn and female vocalists who steped in for quire. Instruments by me. The "drum machine" used here is about as simple as it could be at that time. Recoreded on a 4 track cassette recorder.

7. When you're not here with me  from 1986. Quire and synth by,-  at that time,- two young ladies who was  hired in.

Guitars and "lead vocal" by me and drums by broher Reidar. Studio recording.

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